Ogre Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Ogre voice for your voice over project.

"Ogres are like onions!" So says Shrek, who started mean and green. Even though Hollywood has portrayed newfangled ogres as intelligent and even charming, the stereotype of ugly, dimwitted, and abominable still sticks. Slow and almost slurry in speech, our thundering ogre voices will entertain your audience with a thick-headed personality. Browse through our voice artist samples to find the perfect vocals to fill your ogre's shoes!

Info for Ogre voice Voice-overs

Ever-hungry for scrumptious human beings, ogres will stomp on your head and chomp on your bones! Or so the mystical realm accounts. Originating from European mythology, arguably Hungarian, the brutish folklore character is often confused with non-human-eating giants. Are you looking for a dense and dawdle sounding voice to vivify your character project? Our colossal ogre voices will deliver a monstrous performance that will slay your listeners. Audiobook, videogame, or movie voice over, regardless!

When can you use a Ogre voice over?

Did you know that children are an ogre's favorite snack? Enrich your bedtime stories with growling grumps by portraying your ogre characters with uncanny voices. They'll be a dramatic hit that will enliven your educational tale. If you're looking to actualize videogames and animation, our ogre voices alone will etch a heinous, barbaric, and foul image in your listener's mind's eye.

What makes the perfect Ogre voice?

There are many versions of ogre voices. That includes Shrek's not-so-terrifying Scottish accent, humanized by the groovy Mike Myers. But for the most part, ogre voices are laggard, loud, guttural, and baritone-pitched. Monstrously gruff and rough around the edges, or sophisticatedly accented, create your style of ogre here!