Samurai Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Samurai voice for your voice over project.

Does your script call for a honor-bound warrior from Feudal Japan? If you need the perfect voice for two characters who are clashing swords on a moonlit field at midnight, then we've got the perfect selection of samurai voices for you.

Info for Samurai voice Voice-overs

Samurai warriors were extremely skilled swordsmen from Feudal Japan who adhered to a very strict code of honor and ethics. They lived by the sword, and would have preferred to face death rather than dishonor. If you've got a script set in medieval Japan, or a story that's brining back the samurai code of conduct into modern times, then you should check out our list of samurai voices for that one perfect read. Whether it's a classic duel under the cherry blossoms, or a present-day reformulation of old tropes, we've got an awesome list of voice talent ready to make your vision come alive.

When can you use a Samurai voice over?

Samurai — much like ninja — are an enduringly popular part of Japanese history that's made its way into the upper echelons of pop culture. They have a place of honor in film, animation, TV, and video games. Classic talents like Toshiro Mifune practically gave rise to the modern take on samurai voices, and samurais continue to have a place of honor in shows like Westworld, and the recent video game hit Ghosts of Tsujima. These honorable warriors can either be on the side of good, or egotistic, warmongering bullies who refuse to see the error of their ways. They also continue to be used very frequently in Japanese advertising.

What makes the perfect Samurai voice?

Samurai voices are strong, with a clear Japanese diction (or accent), which gives them a ceremonial, grave air.