Sergeant Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Sergeant voice for your voice over project.

Are you looking for soldier voices that will knock your audience's socks of? A military voice that can drill commands into your audience's mind? Sergeant voices will do that and so much more. They are stern
voices that do not have room for humor. Sergeants are supposed to be tough and impenetrable. Furthermore, Sergeant voices should not have room for emotion because, on the battlefield, emotions are considered as weaknesses.

Info for Sergeant voice Voice-overs

When soldiers go on a mission, they need sergeants to keep them on track because even the best soldiers can lose track of their goal. Military missions are usually very sensitive that a simple oversight can set
the whole mission ablaze.

Sergeant voices are excellent additions to action and violence infused video games. These are the voices that keep video game players at the edge of their seats. Sergeant voices allow video game players to enjoy a surreal gaming experience.

When can you use a Sergeant voice over?

For the most part, sergeant voices target video game fans because most video games involve fight battles. Do you want old school yelling sergeant voices, or strategic and plan-oriented sergeant voices? Whichever the case, make sure you cast the right voice actor for the role.

What makes the perfect Sergeant voice?

Sergeant voices are aggressing, sturdy, and booming. The underlying personalities of the sergeant also contribute to their overall voice-overs. An old school sergeant tends to yell commands to soldiers' faces. A more diplomatic one, on the other hand, relies on the outlined play to achieve success.