Singer Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Singer voice for your voice over project.

Singer voices allow you to do more than mere talk in your voice over. Are you working on a musical, or is the singer going to give your project music interludes? Singer voices allow you to create memorable
voice-over that will stick with your audience for a long while. Remember, if they can sing along to the message, it boosts content retention. Work with easy to master songs to make your project impactful.

Info for Singer voice Voice-overs

Before you cast a singer, make sure you know the voice type that will align with your message. Do you need soprano, bass, tenor, or a combination of everything? Consider working with a singer voice guide to decide which voice to cast. You need a unique singing voice that will glue your message together.

When can you use a Singer voice over?

The kind of audience you’re targeting determines what genre of music you use in your voice-over. If you’re targeting reggae enthusiast, you cannot use classical music and expect to get a return on investment.

Before you start looking for the singer voices to cast, decide on the message you want to pass, the audience you want to target, and the genre of music that will work best with your project.

What makes the perfect Singer voice?

Singing voices are musical and harmonious. Whether you’re cast a songster or songstress, they will determine the vocal range featured. Ideally, songstresses have keynotes that songsters cannot hit and vice versa. However, there are always exceptions to these rules.