Superhero Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Superhero voice for your voice over project.

Who better to save the day than superhero voices, really? When your read calls for a heroic, fearless voice that can swoop in, take care of the bad guys and restore balance and order, look no further than our very own Justice League of actors and actresses!

Info for Superhero voice Voice-overs

When everything seems grim and it seems that the supervillain is finally going to snatch that victory, who's going to defend the weak, the poor, and the good? If your script calls for a superhero to finally win the day, then you're going to want to choose the ideal voice for the star of the show. Superhero voices are bold, powerful, embodying a spirit of fearless power and virtue. If you have a story that calls for a superpowered being to bring an end to a villain's dastardly deeds, then check out what our awesome selection of vocal talent has to bring to the table.

When can you use a Superhero voice over?

Superhero voices are very widely used in various media, like video games, TV, animation, and film. Who hasn't seen one of the Avengers movies? They cover almost the full range of super-heroic identities, from grim crusaders with no superpowers to paragons of virtue and upstanding morals like Captain America. There are as many superhero voices to choose from as there are superheroes. There's no doubt about it, though. these guys are on the side of the angels.

What makes the perfect Superhero voice?

Powerful, booming, in command, virtuous. Superhero voices are in control, and they have the confidence of knowing that they're operating on the side of good, and often all that stands between the bad guy and total victory.