Therapist Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Therapist voice for your voice over project.

It’s unbelievable how much power a voice can have. The ability to encourage a stranger to open up; tell you their deep dirty secrets, things they can’t tell anyone else. Convincing them to follow your advice while being emotional and expressive. That's what makes therapist voices so special.

Info for Therapist voice Voice-overs

You can resist them, but the therapist voices find a way to create trust. You can feel the empathy, calmness, and support in the short pauses, either meant to let you pour your heart out or contemplate what you've just heard. They make giving advice seem so simple, like the answer to all your unasked question was with you all along.

When can you use a Therapist voice over?

Due to its wide use and association with therapists, the voice is commonly used for self-help audiobooks, medical apps, especially those involving therapy, clinics and other medical advertisements. The calming and reasonable nature of the therapist voice makes it suitable for nurturing, motherly characters in stories, blogs, and podcasts.

What makes the perfect Therapist voice?

They are calm, resonating, somehow soft, but with a quietness that makes you feel less judged. Therapist voices have a relaxed but inquisitive tone that helps you open up in a comfortable and tranquil manner. They are non-confrontational and non-interruptive while also being bold and leading. The aim is to foster trust while also giving the therapist control over the session.

Other info for Therapist voice overs

Compassion and willingness to listen to other peoples' problems is the main distinguishing feature of this voice. The structuring of all elements of the voice should be inquisitive, yet non-antagonizing. The voice should be soft and inviting, as louder voices may appear judgy.