Toddler Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Toddler voice for your voice over project.

Toddler voices are impatient, defiant, and rigid. Toddlers have to get what they want, when they want it, or everyone within a mile will know about it.

Info for Toddler voice Voice-overs

The toddler voice is often strong-willed and wild. There will be high points and low points, accompanied by a lot of crying, whining, or kicking. And what's up with the annoying stunts like holding their breath or rolling around? Yes, it's a show of frustration and temper, but c'mon!

When can you use a Toddler voice over?

Most parents, if not all, will openly admit that they hate their toddler voices, especially when those little humans decide to throw tantrums. But you have to admit, the fact that they are loud makes toddler voices all the more effective. These voices have been used in advertisements and commercials involving toddlers, since most parents easily identify with them. Every toddler has had a temper tantrum, so the voice is relatable and identifiable. It can also be used in cartoons, animations, movies, and films.

What makes the perfect Toddler voice?

A toddler’s voice is high pitched and loud, making it very uncomfortable and extremely difficult to ignore. It is often accompanied by a lot of crying and screaming, which is very irritating or adorable, depending on the toddler's mood. Since toddlers have not fully developed their speech, the words and the structure of the sentences are not articulate.

Other info for Toddler voice overs

Tantrums are not only specific to toddlers. Even adult tantrums have the toddler’s voice in them. They are also loud, uncompromising, and wild with aspects of impatience and rigidity.