Yuppie Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Yuppie voice for your voice over project.

It's the voice of the young, urban professionals from the '80s. Yuppie voices represent the young, educated, and wealthy people who are arrogant and look down on others who they deem to be less successful. You hate them but still, look up to them. You don't understand why, but you still can't help it.

Info for Yuppie voice Voice-overs

It's the arrogant, obnoxious voice of the young and rich. The yuppie voice is full of self-belief and entitlement a need to be recognized by the community. Yuppies feed off of praise from others; it feeds their ego and makes them feel more accomplished than they actually are.

When can you use a Yuppie voice over?

The yuppie voice is mostly used to mock the Yuppies, which is why it's popular in comedy, especially during the '80s and early '90s. It has also been used in marketing and advertising because of its comedic effect and its ability to attract the attention of an audience.

What makes the perfect Yuppie voice?

It is a voice embodied by class, youth, and affluence. Yuppie speakers often see themselves as better than other characters. The yuppie voice represents well educated, urban youth with a sense of entitlement, and a disdain for any other kind of life is reflected in the voice.

Other info for Yuppie voice overs

Although the yuppie voice was used to represent urban professionals of the '80s, it can also be used in the modern-day context to represent Silicon Valley tech workers. Even though they are from different centuries, the arrogance, entitlement, oblivious youthfulness, and the wealth that defined the Yuppies in the '80s fully represent the tech professionals now.