Zombie Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Zombie voice for your voice over project.

It is interesting how zombie voices are so recognized and known around the world, even though they are fictitious. From movies and films such as 'The Walking Dead' and 'World War Z,' we have grown to fear and get excited by these undead creatures' voices. And hey, who hasn't mastered the zombie voices for when the zombie apocalypse strikes?

Info for Zombie voice Voice-overs

Even though there have been many versions and interpretations of zombies in movies and games over the years, zombie voices remained relatively unchanged. The loud combination of sounds; incomprehensible, yet terrifying, has been accepted by Hollywood as the voice of these undead and non-existent terrifying beings.

When can you use a Zombie voice over?

This voice is a heavy feature in horror movies and video games, notably those that are about the end of the world through the zombie apocalypse. Given its scary nature, you can use the voice coupled with a zombie costume to stand out on Halloween. Zombie voices are also currently being used for casino slots on related entertainment and gambling games.

What makes the perfect Zombie voice?

It is a combination of growls, howls, grunts, roars, and hisses of the swarms of the undead as they drag their mostly dilapidated bodies, following anything that makes a sound in the quest to get and eat brains of the living. Zombie voices are intended to be scary but can sometimes be used ironically for a comedic effect.

Other info for Zombie voice overs

A zombie call, using the zombie voice, is often reciprocated by other zombies within a certain area, leading to a chain reaction that calls thousands or even millions of them towards the initial call.