Caillou voice impersonation

Find the perfect Caillou voice impersonation.

When you need the voice of a four year old, be it a little whiny, you may want to think about using a Caillou voice. This recognizable voice will resonate with your audience, especailly those who were kids in the late 1990's and early 2000's. We can help you find the perfect impersonation of the Caillou voice from our talented professionals.

Info for Caillou voice voice-overs

Sometimes a toddler voice is just what you need for your audio project. When you want an inquisitive, maybe a little whiny, one, look to our Caillou voice impersonators.

When can you use a Caillou voice voice-over?

Caillou is the title character from the animated Canadian series. He lives with his mom, dad, and little sister. He's four years old, and well, tends to whine and complain a lot. He does use his imagination quite a bit, though. Lots of people love him, others love to hate him. When you want your audience to hear this recognizable, often loved, often mocked (but certainly in a fun way) voice, seek out the Caillou voice. You may want to use it for an ad campaign or audio piece that you'd like to appeal to young children. After all, his voice may annoy adults, but young kids tend to love it. And if you are looking for satire, this is a great voice to land on for the 20 something crowd that may have grown up listenig to him.

What makes the perfect Caillou voice?

The Caillou voice is a high pitched, clear, very young sounding voice. He often has temper tantrums, and this is portrayed in his voice. He does often sing, so his voices is a bit musical, too. Though Caillou is Canadian, he barely has any Canadian tendencies to his voice if any at all. People often describe his voice as annoying and whiny. And sometimes this may be just the voice you need.