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Find the perfect Captain Planet voice impersonation.

Even if you weren't alive during the 90s, we definitely need a savior for our dear planet more than ever. If you want to bring the voice of an eco-friendly superhero to your projects, then the Captain Planet voice is definitely what you're looking for.

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Info for Captain Planet voice voice-overs

Captain Planet and the Planeteers was a massively popular animated TV show in the early 90s. It spawned sequels, spin-offs, video games, and even attempts at feature films. The titular Captain Planet was a superhero summoned by the rings of the five Planeteers, a group of environmentalist teenagers. The Captain himself was a holographic superhero android who had the powers of all five rings combined. Everyone who saw the original show remembers his iconic Captain Planet voice reciting the catchphrase 'The Power is yours!" when he returned to the planet at the end of every episode. If you're looking to bring a little bit of that environmentally-friendly attitude to your projects, then what are you waiting to summon the Captain?

When can you use a Captain Planet voice voice-over?

It would be an understatement to say that the environment needs conscious, awakened voices right now. The Captain Planet voice is the perfect way to give a platform for the concerns of the younger generation, who are justifiably worried about the irreparable damage we are doing to the planet. Whether you're making a kid-friendly animated series about the dangers of polluting the environment or global warming, or making your own PSA about fracking, wildfires, or any other environmental mishaps, there's no denying that you could use the help of Captain Planet.

What makes the perfect Captain Planet voice?

Booming, heroic, positive, but slightly higher-pitched. If anything, the Captain Planet voice sounds youthful, vibrant, and ready to restore the natural order of things.