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Part Jedi master, part down-on-his-luck youth, and even Papal candidate! Is there any character that the sensual Ewan McGregor voice can't play? That's up to you to decide (but we dare to say there's not)!

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Info for Ewan McGregor voice voice-overs

Ewan McGregor has definitely played some iconic characters in his decades-spanning career, and it seems he's just gearing up for the best. The Ewan McGregor voice is all about imbuing roles with a stately (but understated) elegance and wisdom, which can just as easily turn to desperation, or all-out rants in a barely intelligible Scotish accent, as in Trainspotting. Whether he's playing raunchy drug-addled characters trying to find happiness in (and simultaneously evade) consumerism and addiction, or the all-wise Obi Wan Kenobi, he brings a refreshing charm to both the light and dark side of life.

When can you use a Ewan McGregor voice voice-over?

Ewan McGregor, while famous for many roles, is also known for his approchability and wide fanbase that spans all ages. The Ewan McGregor voice can bring a lot of that easy charm to projects both serious and comedic. If you need your very own Jedi master to bring order to the galaxy in a story inspired by Star Wars, or you need a role that's all about playing up his natural charm, you can't go wrong.

What makes the perfect Ewan McGregor voice?

The Ewan McGregor voice works great with both Scottish and American accents. it's medium-pitched, with sometimes a slight rasp, but a warm timbre that's soft, melodious, and great for for Shakesperean scenes or street-level, down-and-dirty portrayals.