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Does your project call for the one being that's as comfortable being called 'The Prince of Darkness' as with affably asking his wife is she's seen his slippers? Then what you need is an Ozzy Osborne voice.

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Ozzy Osborne has had a prolific career, and to this day continues to be one of the world's foremost rock stars. It's hard to deny the historic significance of Ozzy's work as well, as he started things off with a bang singing lead for seminal rock/proto-metal act Black Sabbath. While he enjoyed an incredible run with the band, internal tensions saw him dismissed and forced to kickstart his fledgling solo career. Needless to say, Ozzy went on to start an enviable run of multi-platinum rock records which are still played to this day. Ozzy, of course, also went on to reunite with Sabbath until the band's (up to now) final show. The Ozzy Osborne voice is as perfect a mix of iconic rock n' roll vocals, and the relaxed, slightly lost delivery of Ozzy's daily life with his made-for-reality-TV family.

When can you use a Ozzy Osborne voice Voice-over?

Ozzy is a much a part of our cultural landscape as Mick Jagger or Sir Paul McCartney. It's no exaggeration to say that 's he's rock royalty. Ozzy Osborne's voice will continue to be a staple of music collections belonging to fans young and old for as long as people listen to music. The man himself is also pretty funny, both intentionally and unintentionally, and had a successful run as a reality TV star. If your project calls for a bit of that goofy, bumbling, disoriented charm, or for the enduring power of his vocals, we've got your back.

What makes the perfect Ozzy Osborne voice?

The Ozzy Osborne voice is a strange mix of vocal power (when singing) and half-lost uncle when not.

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The Ozzy Osborne voice is a strange mix of vocal power (when singing) and half-lost uncle when not.