Authentic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Authentic voice for your voice over project.

Sometimes hearing is believing, and that's doubly so for an authentic voice. There's something about these voices that speaks to the heart instead of the brain and makes them instantly sincere and believable.

Info for Authentic voice Voice-overs

There's nothing quite like hearing a message from someone who has your best interests in mind. An authentic voice instantly creates a bond of trust between the speaker and the listener. A friendly, approachable, believable tone is exactly what this voice type is all about; tt makes you feel like a lifelong friend is sharing super-important information that you'll be better off knowing. And, whatever the nature of your project, who wouldn't heed the advice of a good friend?

When can you use an Authentic voice Voice-over?

Both companies, indidivuals, or artists can benefit from having an authentic voice in their projects. Sometimes you need that super-clear, friendly guy or gal voicing an explainer video about your new app; other times you may be wondering where you're going to find that super-friendly secondary character who happens to be the main character's best friend; or perhaps you're coming out with a new commercial, but your brand's voice is all about engaging the audience on their terms. Whether you're in podcasts, radio, TV, or internet marketing, there's nothing quite like having authenticity on your side.

What makes the perfect Authentic voice?

An authentic voice tends to be clear and precise, but soft-spoken, friendly, and, most of all, absolutely believable. There's no strain, stutter, or doubt in these types of voices. They speak eloquently and from the heart, and they convey a tone that's in-the-know, but not preachy, and that's why we trust them.