Believable Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Believable voice for your voice over project.

A believable voice is an invaluable asset in any communication situation. From relationships, social events, business meetings, advertising, to voice acting, believability is a quality every public speaker wants. A believable voice is stable and consistent, and these characteristics make the audience take the message without any questions. A credible voice voice over is just what you need to convince your audience.

Info for Believable voice Voice-overs

When looking for the ideal voice for your voice over project, you have to consider the main objective. In most cases, you want audiences to listen, and this is why you need a believable voice. Such a voice instills confidence in the listeners, soothes, and comforts them before they even decode the message. It is the smartest strategy you can use to achieve your production objectives in your voice over.

Many adverts use deep male voices when the message is somber and high pitched female voices for more relaxed moods. Both vocal ranges are melodic and beautiful, and this makes them believable. Confidence and flexibility are also qualities of a believable voice.

When can you use an Believable voice Voice-over?

The audience for believable voices is vast and ranges from religion, relationships, politics, social events, business meetings, advertising, movies, theatre to voice acting.

What makes the perfect Believable voice?

Tenor to sopranos is the most believable voice. The vocal range, however, can vary depending on the purpose of your voice over project.

Other info for Believable voice Voice-overs

Mel Blanc, Morgan Freeman, Frank Welker, Robin Williams, Dan Castellaneta, Jack Nicholson, Mike Myers, Billy West, and Seth MacFarlane. Most famous voice actors fall here.