Cocky Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Cocky voice for your voice over project.

Some people have a really high opinion of themselves; a cocky voice lets you know that a character thinks they're the best thing since sliced bread, although whether that's true or not will be up to you. If you want voices that sound like they're at the height of petulance and self-confidence, you've come to the right place.

Info for Cocky voice Voice-overs

Sometimes it's all about making an impression. Of course, in any story characters who make the wrong impression are as important as the ones who make the right one. A cocky voice can be a great tool for portraying both. Cocksure hotshots with a smart mouth have plenty to do on both the winning and losing side. You're going to want performers who can act like they know they're the best around.

When can you use an Cocky voice Voice-over?

Are you going to be opening a new high-performance gym aimed at die-hard fitness freaks? Or maybe you're all about creating diverse characters; rock gods, pirates, mercenaries, bounty hunters, and mages sometimes feel pretty good about their chances. Or perhaps you need a rugged, powerful voice that can confidently strut its stuff for a commercial. The possibilities are endless for characters with a cocky voice.

What makes the perfect Cocky voice?

Confident, energetic, rugged, and absolutely in control. The cocky voice tends to be on the deeper end of the spectrum, displaying charm, coolness, and self-assuredness.