Country Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Country voice for your voice over project.

"Y'all come back!" Who doesn't love warm, southern hospitality? Or maybe it's a crustier version of the country voice that you want. The charm of the country voice is that it has a lot of characters and can take on a lot of roles, maybe a charmer or maybe a villian or a naive kid in a coming of age novel. The opportunities are endless.

Info for Country voice Voice-overs

The country voice has a lot of variety and can be very effective in ads, audiobooks, or other roles. The trick is to make sure it's not overdone if you want it to be authentic, but by all means do it up if you want it to be more of a caricature.

When can you use an Country voice Voice-over?

The country voice has some strange appeal. For some , it can have a negative connotation and bring to mind the movie, Deliverance, or closed minded people, but others love it and find it dreamy and warm. We love our country singers like Luke Bryan and Carrie Underwood. That's the beauty of this voice, it has a very wide audience appeal and can be effective in a number of ways. Think truck commercials or farm to table food. Maybe a great character in a video game or audiobook.

What makes the perfect Country voice?

It's that slow, drawl, maybe a twang, but we all know a country voice when we hear it. When you think of a country voice, maybe a southern drawl comes to mind, laced with "y'all and hun," or a maybe a cowboy with his slow, meticulous, and heartfelt speak. There's also the rural country accent, the one with the twang. It goes without saying that one of the main characteristics of any country voice is the slow way in which it's spoken, like molassas dripping on your biscuits. And of course, it woudn't be country without a few "sugars" and "brothers" tossed in.

Other info for Country voice Voice-overs

The country voice can depict a wide range of characters, from genteel and beloved to one of negative connotations like low intelligence or rascism. It all depends on how it's carried out, so you'll have a lot riding on this effective voice. Just make sure to do it right.