Crackly Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Crackly voice for your voice over project.

Have you ever heard a teenage boy going through puberty speak? Their voice is not entirely smooth, it sounds likes it’s breaking up_it’s the crackly voice. And senior citizens have this voice too. It has a vocal roughness that can really distinguish a character from the crowd.

Info for Crackly voice Voice-overs

A crackly voice is what happens when you suddenly shift your tone to sing in a higher or lower pitch than you are used to. Your throat dries up and your voice becomes gravelly. This voice sounds distorted, and the listener can only make out a few short, sharp, and dry sounds.

When can you use an Crackly voice Voice-over?

Crackly voices work best in projects that need vocal roughness. Old and grumpy characters in video games and animations use this voice to sound more authentic. A crackly voice can also sound like a distorted audio. Storytellers and narrators use this voice to bring characters to life and engage the audience.

What makes the perfect Crackly voice?

You can crack you voice on purpose to make it sound better, or unique. Yodelers are one of the singers whose voices break the most. SIA’s crackly voice is magnificent to listen to. If you want to have a crackly voice, practice by talking and singing in this voice until it sounds natural.

Other info for Crackly voice Voice-overs

As you raise your pitch higher, you’ll reach a point where your voice naturally cracks. The crackly voice, however, can be harsh on the vocal chords and voice actors are advised not to push it.