Creepy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Creepy voice for your voice over project.

We love the shivers it sends down our spines, but we hate it, too (in that loving way, of course). It's the creepy voice, and it perosonifies evil and everything people fear.

Info for Creepy voice Voice-overs

Do you have a creepy podcast or audio book to share? What about a character you'd like to make sure has the right voice to effect his chilling persona? Go with a creepy voice and you'll be able to send chills down your listeners' spines.

When can you use an Creepy voice Voice-over?

For those lovers of the haunting, scary, hair-raising genre, the creepy voice is music to their ears. Whether it's a voiceover in an audiobook or film, or maybe a piece in a podcast or documentary, the creepy voice can set the mood for anyone who loves to be scared. You probably won't have the child crowd here, but those that love this voice and genre, well, they really love it.

What makes the perfect Creepy voice?

The creepy voice is a fun one to work with becasue there's so much to it. It's not just a matter of a creepy speaking voice, but you also can have that laughter and maybe a sing song tone. The voice itself can sound whispery or crisp, soft or clear. There's probably a threatening undertone and subtle neferious mutterings. The voice can come from an every day person, like the creepy shop owner down the street, or a more classic creepy like a spirit in a haunted house. Creepy has no boundaries.

Other info for Creepy voice Voice-overs

The magic of a creepy voice is that it can be an every day voice with those aforementioned underones, or it can come from the scariest thing you can think of. You can turn a child creepy with a simple giggle or certain tone, and your magic is done. Creepy will send those beloved shivers when you choose just the right voice for your piece.