Exotic Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Exotic voice for your voice over project.

It’s a voice unlike you have ever heard before. Foreign and unfamiliar, an exotic voice makes you imagine things from another time and place. It’s not unpleasant, but it is strange to listen to, yet it sounds good. Give it a try and get your audience curious. Transport them to a place unknown with words alone.

Info for Exotic voice Voice-overs

Do you think a foreign voice suits your script? Is it the kind of voice that makes you think about colors, textures, and scents from a distant place? In that case, an exotic voice is perfect for you. It’s a tone of voice that will bring your audience’s curiosity up to a notch, root them into place, and entice them to your project.

When can you use an Exotic voice Voice-over?

There are many projects you can use an exotic voice. People naturally become interested in things they are unfamiliar with, including a tone of voice they haven’t heard before. Take advantage of this and use a unique voice for impressions, cartoons, characterizations, audiobook demos, TV commercials, movie trailers, and more.

What makes the perfect Exotic voice?

Exotic voices aren’t all the same. Each voice actor delivers a foreign voice in different accents, inflections, pitch, and pacing. It can be soft and smooth, seemingly gliding through the ears as TV commercials usually do. Sometimes, the tone is high-pitched and hurried. Other times, it is singsongy, rising, and falling in a musical way. It can be sensual and mysterious, beautiful, and exciting. But whether it sounds soft or harsh, an exotic voice is an excellent voice style to use when enticing your audience.