Flexible Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Flexible voice for your voice over project.

Sometimes, your needs cover more ground than one specific voice can offer, but it still has to be done by one and the same vocal artist. In that case you would probably need to engage a flexible voice.

Info for Flexible voice Voice-overs

A flexible voice is one that can change its vocal characterisitcs, in a second. One moment it has to give a high-pitched delivery, at the other, it has to be coarse and produce deep tones.Engaging such a vocal artist is not an easy task, as vocal talent with such range and/or vocal acting talent is not so easy to come by. Very often, such a vocal talent corresponds to an actress/actor, usually with established vocal skills and range.

When can you use an Flexible voice Voice-over?

Flexible voice usually involves a hefty element of acting and is often engaged as a narrating voice in documentaries and feature films. Of course, a flexible voice can be an-all purpose voice for specific business projects particularly audio/visual ads.It is geared toward the audiences that have to get a sens of drama, humor, or even terror, shifting from one moment to another.

What makes the perfect Flexible voice?

A flexible voice in many instances has a wider natural pitch range which it can sheeft accoridng to the needs of the script. She/he should be able to produce at least two or three different vocal styles. At the same time, a flexible vocal artist needs to keep a daily vocal practice to be able to maintain that flexible range. Also, a flexible voice artists needs to have solid acting skills that should correspond to a wider vocal range.