Fresh Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Fresh voice for your voice over project.

Fresh voices are mostly associated with screenwriting. What makes a screenwriter’s voice fresh is the themes they’ve explores in their writing. This means that a voice actor cannot pull off a fresh voice if the
script itself is not fresh.

A fresh voice excites your audience because it connects with them on a personal level. Have you ever been to a comedy show and every joke was so relatable? That’s what we’re talking about precisely.

Info for Fresh voice Voice-overs

A fresh voice doesn’t exist independently because the screenwriter dictates what the voice actor will say. However, how a voice actor executes their role will determine how fresh the voice will sound. This means that an exceptional script requires an equally talented voice actor for your project to be successful. I bet you’ve ever heard a voice performance and felt that the script was wasted on that voice actor at least once in your lifetime.

When can you use an Fresh voice Voice-over?

A fresh voice targets your general audience because it’s an upgrade to what you usually do. Moreover, a fresh voice allows you to give your audience something different to keep them entertained.

What makes the perfect Fresh voice?

A fresh voice should be bold and grounded. It should also be relatable because the intention is to re-establish a connection with your existing audience. It would be best if you had something that you are proud of while showing it to your audience. After all, the point of creation is to show the public what you came up with.