Happy Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Happy voice for your voice over project.

A happy voice over is perfect for when you need a warm, joyous read to permeate your whole production. When the going gets good, the good get going, and these voice over come with a warm smile and a little pep in their step.

Info for Happy voice Voice-overs

When the sun's shining, birds are chirping, and gentle music is audible in the warm breeze, you know you want a happy voice. Some situations call for a perfect, happy-go-lucky reading that is personable, cherry, warm, and affectionate. There's nothing quite like when life is feeling good, and these voice and actresses know how to bring real joy to their performances. If yur project calls for that "Christmas morning" feeling, you've come to the right place.

When can you use an Happy voice Voice-over?

Whether they know it or not, audiences are always ready for a happy voice. Sometimes you can't wait to tell your customers about the new product you've got coming out, and there's no better way to get it across than to use an optimistic, upbeat tone. Sometimes characters in your ad or spot are over-the-moon happy about the difference your new product has made in their lives, and you need them to convey a dose of believable optimism. Others, characters in a work of fiction have won hard-fought victories, or have had good things happen in their lives. Other characters are defined by their unflappable optimism, and bring a cheerful, happy spirit to all of their scenes.

What makes the perfect Happy voice?

Upbeat, bright, slightly faster-paced than a regular voice, and with a raised pitch that'll have you cracking a smile.