Helpful Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Helpful voice for your voice over project.

“This is Christina from Bunny Studio, how can I help you today?” A helpful voice puts you at ease from the word go. It is accessible so you are not afraid to speak or ask any questions. The voice is supportive, sympathetic, and suitable for communicating to almost any audience.

Info for Helpful voice Voice-overs

What you say is just as important as how you say it. Speaking in a helpful voice works better if what you are saying is informative and, well, helpful to the listener. At the very least, a helpful voice is friendly enough to calm down a frustrated customer.

When can you use an Helpful voice Voice-over?

When your customers are having trouble and they decide to call for help, that is exactly what you should give them: a helpful voice. It’s also perfect for tutorials and explainer videos. A helpful voice is calm and practical. In case of a crisis like a fire, this is the voice to guide people out of the building without causing chaos.

What makes the perfect Helpful voice?

The helpful voice is considerate and caring. It’s the voice of a physical therapist as they guide a patient in recovery, ‘you can do this. Keep going.’ Because it is so calm, people find it hard to argue with a helpful voice. Sometimes, helpful can be perceived as condescending or doing too much. To avoid this, make sure you address the listener’s direct pain points. When using a helpful voice, listening is more important than speaking.