Hip Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Hip voice for your voice over project.

There's a specific part of the audience that always tries to stay informed about the most advanced trends . If that is the type of an audience you need to reach, a hip voice might be the way to go.

Info for Hip voice Voice-overs

It is not easy to put your finger at what is hip, or at the top of a certain trend at a moment, it is a category that is ever changing. According to dictionary.com, being hip is also about being informed about the latest ideas, styles, and developments. From the cutting edge tech gadgets that are yet to hit the market, to the specific artistic and music styles, there is always something that is considered both hip and cool at any given moment. A hip voice expresses the interest in exactly those kind of things.

When can you use an Hip voice Voice-over?

The audience for a hip voice is usually at any moment a seeminglysmall circle of followers and fans. But, it in current times it is also tied to various social media influencers and an idea, product or a concept they accept and recommend can very quickly, in the terms of social media, go viral. Accessing this audience may require the use of a hip voice, something they might relate to quickly.

What makes the perfect Hip voice?

A hip voice is often tied to the beat poets generation and authors like Jack Kerouac. That style talks in different rhythmic patterns, from slow to fast and have often have an academic or instructional tone. a hip voice almost always speaks as she/he knows exactly what they are talking about.