Intense Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Intense voice for your voice over project.

One thing is for sure_ you’ll never catch an intense voice talking about the weather. Intense and intimidating go hand in hand, but this voice simple represents a force of nature that wont stop until its gets what it wants.

Info for Intense voice Voice-overs

An intense voice is a force of nature: full of energy, passion, and spirit. This voice is perfect for portraying a character full of commitment and dedication. You should know when and where to use the intense voice so you can sound interesting and dynamic as opposed to sounding restrained and aloof.

When can you use an Intense voice Voice-over?

People in leadership positions tend to be intense. This voice can represent a corporate brand because it carries fire, passion, and enthusiasm. Films and video games use the intense voice for characters with ambition. Animated shows for kids also use this voice to portray vigorous and earnest personalities.

What makes the perfect Intense voice?

When someone says you are coming on too strong, or you are a radical of society, they mean you are intense. But an intense voice isn't always a bad thing. It can represent eagerness, honesty, and positive energy. On the other hand, and intense voice can represent a vehement character with fanatical ideas about life.

Other info for Intense voice Voice-overs

An intense voice can come off as serious or angry. It’s important to control the level of intensity in your speech to avoid coming off as an unfair ‘my way or the highway’ type of person.