Inviting Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Inviting voice for your voice over project.

Do you need your audience to feel a friendly tone, or do you want to invite it to have a new experience - a new travel destination, a special new product or do you want them to attend an event, be it a special premiere or a concert? In such cases, an inviting voice might create exactly the effect you are hoping for.

Info for Inviting voice Voice-overs

An inviting voice sounds attractive, alluring, even tempting. To all efects it has a freiendly pleasing tone. The sense of invitation it creates can be direct, it can invite you to a very specific event or a place. But an inviting voice can also present a new, interesting idea, concept and strives to make the audience visualize in their mind exactly what such an idea or a concept would mean to them, their well-being or even profit.

When can you use an Inviting voice Voice-over?

An inviting vice can be directed at a very broad audience spectrum. It can be the audience for artistic events, like movies, theater, or concerts, or it can be a sports events audience. Travelers are certainly an audience that will respond positively to an inviting voice, but also the audience for specific high-end products, whether it is electronics, automobiles or fashion products from perfumes and cosmetics to shoes and garments.

What makes the perfect Inviting voice?

An inviting voice can be both male or female, depending on the audience it is geared towards. It is usually gentle and warm in tone, and speaks quite slowly, as if expressing a level of joy and pleasure. It pronunces every word clearly, giving it speacial importance.