Lyrical Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Lyrical voice for your voice over project.

The lyrical voice is light and agile. This voice is soothing to listen to, it has a rhythm that makes it sound poetic and entertaining. Does your project contain a musical element? Try the lyrical voice.

Info for Lyrical voice Voice-overs

Don’t confuse lyrical with dramatic. Both voices have rhythm, but in women, a lyrical voice is light, supple, and it can sound a little small if not projected. Otherwise, a lyrical voice is pleasing to the ear. This voice is flexible and has a sing-song quality that is both entertaining and memorable.

When can you use an Lyrical voice Voice-over?

Voice over artists with lyrical voices are best suited to projects with a musical element, like storytelling and audiobook narration. Commercials with jingles also use this voice to get the attention of the listener and increase brand recall. This voice connects to listeners emotionally and can be used to express a wide range of feelings.

What makes the perfect Lyrical voice?

There are different types of lyrical voices. There is the lyrical soprano, which is the most common female voice, and can be heard over an orchestra. The lyrical coloratura which sounds almost like a bird chirping. Having this voice will have you get a but more recognition than a person with a lyrical soprano since it has a higher range and better agility.

Other info for Lyrical voice Voice-overs

Lyrical voices are considered to be voices of the young, which is not true. This voice is light, but still very expressive. Its musical nature helps to connect with the audience.