Multilingual Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Multilingual voice for your voice over project.

In this day and age, "going global" is becoming a catch phrase in practically all aspects of our lives, particularly in business. But to achieve such a global status with your, message, information or ad, you quite possibly may need to have a multilingual voice.

Info for Multilingual voice Voice-overs

Being multilingual actually means that a person can speak at least three different languages. If such a person speaks just two different languages, it is considered bilingual. Today, it is not just a fancy thing two know more languages, it is increaingly becoming a need to be able to communicate with a number of different cultures. But, at the same time, there may be some local, state, or international regulatory requirements that would obligate that say a certain ad has to be conveyed in more than two languages.

When can you use an Multilingual voice Voice-over?

Getting your message or information accross in a best manner can pften mean that you need a multilingual voice, a voice that comes from a same person but is fluent in a number of target languages you need. Sometimes, getting a message across in a country like Switzerland, where French, German and Italian are all official languages, may require such a voice. Even more so, getting an ad with a same voice in a number of European Union member countries (there are 27 of them at the moment) will certainly demand the use of a multilingual voice.

What makes the perfect Multilingual voice?

The key with a multilingual voice is that it has to be fully versed in all the languages it performs in, but also that it delivers the text in the same tonal range and the same intensity and vocal characteristics in each of the lenguages it speaks.