Over The Top Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Over The Top voice for your voice over project.

It’s too much. Too much energy, too much drama, and too much excitement. You can’t help but notice an over the top voice. It’s presence is undeniable, and this voice is guaranteed to get the attention of your listeners.

Info for Over The Top voice Voice-overs

Over the top voices are exaggerated. It’s that loud voice that is so excited and witty at the same time. An over the top performance is upbeat and can sound a little animated.

When can you use an Over The Top voice Voice-over?

It’s that energetic voice you hear in hard-sell commercials. This voice has a dramatic quality that makes it perfect for video games, animations, and storytelling. Over the top voices are also used for comedic purposes. If you have a script that requires an outrageous or inflated performance, this voice could be what you need. An over the top performance can be genuine or feigned. For instance, a character bawling at the funeral could be doing so for comedic effect or because they are genuinely affected by the situation.

What makes the perfect Over The Top voice?

This voice is considered extreme, and that is exactly how it should be. It shouts above all the other voices, more confident, more excited. This voice is wild and unhinged, and if executed well, it can deliver a memorable performance. This voice works for corporate videos as well as for films and other entertainment productions.

Other info for Over The Top voice Voice-overs

It’s best when this voice is used intentionally. It can come across as pretentious if used in the wrong context, and even go as far as annoying the audience. An over top voice requires precise execution as it is a very powerful emotional tool.