Powerful Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Powerful voice for your voice over project.

Boom! No, that's not an explosion, it's the awesome bass of a powerful voice coming through your speakers and making the walls of your house shake. If you want voices that'll make an impact, you're in the right place.

Info for Powerful voice Voice-overs

A powerful voice is an immediate attention-grabber. It's all about a strong, discernible, in-your-face sound with a powerful low end. These voices certainly make an impression, and they are an ideal way to immediately stick in your listener's minds and imbue your projects with an epic, persuasive qualiity.

When can you use an Powerful voice Voice-over?

Characters with a powerful voice tend to be very memorable. When done right, these voices usually convey a quality of strength, leadership, and trustworthiness. Heroes with a powerful voice are made for the big, epic moments with rallying speeches, war cries; they could probably convince the bad guy to drop their arms right then and there if they were given the chance. Bad guys with powerful voices are no slouches either, and projecting that strength and self-assuredness is a big part of why they're usually so respecting and feared by their minions. The commanding tones of this voice type are also a great persuasive tool for ads and commercials. While they are strongly associated with traditional masculinity, there are female voices that could put most men's to shame!

What makes the perfect Powerful voice?

Booming, tending towards the low end, and with a generally measured, clear diction that is precise, heartfelt, steady, and dignified. The powerful voice is all about great collocation, with an operatic, stand-up-and-take-notice quality.