Proud Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Proud voice for your voice over project.

Loud, boastful, chest-pounding, and profoundly happy. A proud voice can bring the sound of total satisfaction to any of your projects. These reads will make you as proud as they sound!

Info for Proud voice Voice-overs

There's nothing like the feeling of a job well done. A proud voice is all about feeling that unabashed sense of satisfaction and beaming pride. Whether it's the joy of father watching their child taking their first steps, or the boastful taunts of an arrogant baddie who's full of themselves, these voice over artists will bring their A game.

When can you use an Proud voice Voice-over?

There are many scripts that could require a proud voice, and many different kinds of pride to portray. For instance, some characters in fiction are inordinately proud and boastful, to the point of coming across as conceited or arrogant; others are brimming with pride after a big accomplishment — generally after winning a big battle or dethroning the main bad guy — or some other big milestone; others have it as part of their identity, like errant knights. On the marketing side, a proud voice could belong to a learner who's completed a course in a new language, proudly displaying their new skills for the world to see, or for a satisfied customer that's glad they made an informed purchase. Many corporate spokespeople also speak very proudly about present and past accomplishments, and new things to come. They're great for PSAs as well!

What makes the perfect Proud voice?

Positive, beaming, with a bright timbre and an open quality, the proud voice tends to bring out a chesty, vibant quality that's contagious.