Relatable Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Relatable voice for your voice over project.

This is the voice that levels with you. When you hear a relatable voice speak, it sounds like you are talking to your peer. Listeners trust this voice because it sounds cool and authentic.

Info for Relatable voice Voice-overs

The relatable voice is conversational and actively engaged with the listener. This voice is casual and sound trustworthy. If you have a heartfelt message to pass onto your listeners, a relatable voice might just be the way to do it.

When can you use an Relatable voice Voice-over?

It is used by therapists when interacting with their clients, with the intention of making the clients feel comfortable and not harshly criticized. It is also used by salespeople to humanize otherwise generic business conversations. A relatable voice can also be used in audiobook narration, in order to make the characters more personable and appealing. A relatable character will usually have some kind of vulnerability that the audience can connect to.

What makes the perfect Relatable voice?

Relatable voices use easy language and can sound light and playful or serious and intimate; it all depends on the context. This voice is witty and usually uses humor to get through to the audience. A relatable voice humanizes powerful heroes in films and makes them seem more human. Relatable voices connect with the audience more when expressing negative emotions like fear, pain, and failure. This voice adds a human element to a character that resonates with listeners.

Other info for Relatable voice Voice-overs

This voice has a sense of familiarity. It makes the listener feel comfortable and relaxed. The performer can use a relatable voice to tell you that your answer was incorrect, but you will feel like they understand that people can make mistakes sometimes. It also encourages the listener to open up more, in a two-way conversation.