Royal Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Royal voice for your voice over project.

Some voices are fit for only kings and queens. A royal voice has a regal, majestic quality, as if delivered straight from a golden throne upon the ears of the masses. If you need read fit for a monarch, then you've definitely landed on the right page.

Info for Royal voice Voice-overs

Aristocratic, posh, high-society, and a huge mark of a great leader. A royal voice is a distinct feature of a monarch. When they open their mouth, you listen, take notice, and take action, because — while bearing the mark of privilege — these voices carry an innate gravitas and authority. If you want to persuade your audience, have a king or queen who features prominently in your story, or make listeners feel like your product is fit for royalty, then this is the way to go.

When can you use an Royal voice Voice-over?

There are many ways to leverage the power of the royal voice. Kings and queens feature prominently in medievally-themed role-playing video games, such as The Witcher or the Elder Scrolls video games. Kingly characters speak, and subjects follow. A royal voice, while not always belonging to a king necessarily, can also be the mark of a great leader who has a commanding presence and leads a group of heroes onward. This voice type is also an excellent choice for marketing; you may want to make your customers feel like they're sharing in a royal secret, or they're being spoken to by a very in-the-know, posh accent that vouches for a product's exclusivity and status.

What makes the perfect Royal voice?

Booming, powerful, with a very clear diction and an aristocratic accent. British voices work especially well with this voice type.