Silly Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Silly voice for your voice over project.

For some reason, everyone uses this voice to talk to babies or cute animals. A silly voice sounds bubbly and fun. It has a child-like and nasal quality that makes it sound animated. A silly delivery is light and relatable. If you have a quirky and fun script, this might the voice you need.

Info for Silly voice Voice-overs

Silly voices are youthful and can be fast paced and high-pitched. This voice is an exaggeration of the speaker’s normal voice, and the tone is purposely inflated to sound funny. This voice is bright, upbeat, and personable, and it can really make your project pop.

When can you use an Silly voice Voice-over?

A silly voice can represent the quirky character in comedy sketches. This voice also does well in children’s animations and narrations. A silly voice brings characters to life in video games as well. This voice is funny, relatable, believable, and reminds people not to take themselves too seriously. Commercials with a silly or comedic element usually get more views from consumers.

What makes the perfect Silly voice?

To do a silly voice, you need to drop you bass, loosen up, assume the correct facial expression make your voice bouncy. Try not to sound dull or flat, be creative with your voice. A speaker using a silly voice will also make sounds like ‘the train went choo-choo-choo.’

Other info for Silly voice Voice-overs

Silly voices are great for children’s narrations because they are memorable. This voice captures the listener’s attention and entertains them as they listen to the story. A silly voice makes things sound simpler and easier to understand.