Translation Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Translation voice for your voice over project.

Not everything you do or needs to reach an audience comes in a language that this audience understands. In those situations, translation voice might be the right solution.

Info for Translation voice Voice-overs

Sometimes, there is a text, an audio recording or a video that comes in a foreign language. At other times, you need to present this material in another language than the one it was prepared in. Sure, subtitles are there, but do they always fit the purpose? Very often, you will need to resort to use a voice of a translator, a translation voice, that will present the subject matter so that it can reach the intended audience in the best possible manner.

When can you use an Translation voice Voice-over?

Of course, the key audience for a translation voice is the one that doesn't understand the language of the original text, audio or video recording. Bu then, some audiences are not used or don't like to read subtitles and want to hear a vocal translation. Also, there are times when you need to replicate the tempo of the original speaker, and subtitles may not be able to follow her/his speech. It can also be quite possible that writing and speaking tempo in one language differ in the other, and it is again necessary to follow the tempo of the speaker to make the content comprehensible to the potential audience.

What makes the perfect Translation voice?

A translation voice in almost every respect follows the tone, pitch, voice color and tempo of the original speaker. That is often not possible, but all the vocal characteristics of the translation voice have to be as close as possible to the original voice.