Unsure Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Unsure voice for your voice over project.

Remember when you were caught in a lie by your parents, so you had to make up an excuse on the spot? Think of the fear that gripped you and how you couldn't create coherent sentences—the doubt in your voice, the uncertainty of your words – the unsure voice.

Info for Unsure voice Voice-overs

This voice is usually quiet and withdrawn, as though asking a question while giving a statement at the same time. The character is uncertain of whatever they want to say, and just when they want to exude confidence, the unsure voice creeps in.

When can you use an Unsure voice Voice-over?

The unsure voice is used to show an environment of uncertainty or lack of confidence by a character in an awkward situation. It is used in speculative podcasts and documentaries to arouse curiosity in topics that the narrator finds unexplainable or mysterious. It is also used to portray a lack of confidence in information passed, or to evoke feelings of uncertainty in unconvincing information.

What makes the perfect Unsure voice?

Characters who use the unsure voice are hesitant, scared to speak up, and have limited knowledge of a subject, especially when addressing a more respectable character. The voice is characterized by a lot of stammering and pausing to gather their own thoughts, often abandoning some thoughts mid-sentence and picking up others.

Other info for Unsure voice Voice-overs

The unsure voice is perfect for asking questions to an audience to make them think you have little information on a particular topic. Public speakers often use it to engage their audiences and get feedback.