Upper Class Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Upper Class voice for your voice over project.

Luxury, riches and posh life, how can you express that vocally and grab the attention of your potential audience? Certainly one of the best ways is to engage upper class voices.

Info for Upper Class voice Voice-overs

Upper class is the one that has it good both financially and in the way those that belong to it lead their lives. They can be of aristocratic background, but they can also gain such a status through gaining fame and fortune. But besides their sizeable checkbooks and luxury, they also have a specific manner of speaking, that can come naturally, but also be acquired through a way of life. It is all reflected in upper class voices that can express the affluency in the best possible manner.

When can you use a Upper Class voice over?

The first type of audience that will react positively to upper class voices is the one that is interested in such a way of life, but at the same time in search for all the means and ways that characterize such a way of life - from luxury cars, houses and resorts to jewelry and high fashion. Any documentary features and ad projects dealing with upper class itself will certainly ring more true with the audience interested in such programs and ads.

What makes the perfect Upper Class voice?

The best known English language speaking aristocracy and upper class originates in Britain. For that reason, most upper class voices are associated with the so-called proper English speaking. This involves clear and easy-flowing manner of speaking and pronunciation. It is also called upper received pronunciation or posh manner of speaking. This also involves the use of terms that are more associated with English than American version of the English language.