Worried Voice Voice-overs

Find the perfect Worried voice for your voice over project.

Need to ramp up the tension at a climactic moment in your piece. Insert a side character with a worried voice to really raise the stakes by naming the inevitable.

Info for Worried voice Voice-overs

When your story has reached a situation that is causing feelings of anxiety or distress, then you may be in the market for a worried voice. The worried voice often names the unthinkable possibility or probability of where the story might be going, this heightening tension. While occasionally this voice will be the voice of reason on the team, it more often than not comes from a lesser character who has no bearing on the main story except to show that panic is setting in and to cause it where others are not quite there yet.

When can you use an Worried voice Voice-over?

While your more movie literate audiences will take their cues from the music or silences that help raise the tension, some of the crowd just benefit from the threat being named for them. Once it is spoken it is now officially a thing and so the worried voice becomes a useful tool in terms of announcing or declaring the very worst threat.

What makes the perfect Worried voice?

The worried voice might be a questioning voice "What are we going to do?" or one that makes definite statements about a yet-to-be-determined future. "We're all gonna die!"A lot of the time this voice will speak a little faster than normal and is chategorised by being cracked or broken to heighten the sense of being out-of-control. It tends to increase in pace and panic as the inevitable climax nears.