Fabiola Stevenson

voice talent

Fabiola Stevenson's Personal Information

Fabiola Stevenson is a voice talent from Los Angeles, United States . As a voice talent Fabiola has specialized in voice overs for Presentations / Educational, Commercials / Advertising and Audiobooks / Podcasts.

Fabiola's preferred voice language is Spanish - Mexico.

His voice over range in terms of Age and Gender include Female | Senior voice, Female | Middle age voice and Female | Teenage voice.

Fabiola's coworkers consider that his skills lie in Television , Post Production and Entertainment . Also, in 2008 he worked as a Dubbing Producer - Translating - Consultant - Voice Talent.

Fabiola's most recent roles include:

His role as voice in the Climax Podcast TV Mini-Series from 2020 and his role as SAP Voice Talent in the The Bold and the Beautiful TV Series from 2019.

Fabiola Stevenson's Voice

  • Spanish - Mexico
Gender and Age
  • Female | Senior
  • Female | Middle age
  • Female | Teenage

Fabiola Stevenson's Experience and skills

  • Television ,
  • Post Production ,
  • Entertainment

  • Voice Over Artist
    1993 Current

  • Dubbing Producer - Translating - Consultant - Voice Talent
    2008 Current

  • Climax Podcast (TV Mini-Series)

  • The Bold and the Beautiful (TV Series)
    SAP Voice Talent

  • Alondra (TV Series)

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