Perviz Masani, writer

Perviz Masani, writer

# 12BRKB14I am a creative writer and a professional editor/proofreader
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I love the written word... from reading to writing to creating something new from the old and the cliched, I find it fascinating to see how words can shape a thought in so many different ways. I have been into writing from as long ago as I can remember, starting off with small articles for children's magazines when I was young and then moving on to more mature content over the years. Professionally, I've been in the writing field for the past 20-plus years now. I started off as a graphologist for a monthly magazine in Pakistan that focused on the entertainment industry and then was asked to work there as a part time assistant editor there while I completed my Engineering degree in the mornings. After a two-year stint at an Engineering company, I realised writing and everything related to it was what I wanted to pursue and what I was truly passionate about. Hence, I quit after two years and joined a monthly women's magazine as their Senior Editor. My responsibilities included everything that encompasses the working of a publication - writing on a multitude of subjects and issues, editing, proofreading, commissioning articles, conducting interviews, coordinating with the Graphic Design department - basically getting involved in the nitty-gritty of everything that comprises the publication of a monthly magazine. Even though I had to go part-time after six years due to personal reasons, I continued to be a part of the magazine's workings and later on also got involved in editing and proofreading for a magazine run by ACCA Pakistan. I've also written a book on the festivals of Pakistan for Oxford University Press; it is used as a reference guide in schools. In 2011, I moved to the United Arab Emirates where I started off with writing and putting together a coffee table book to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Since then, I do freelance work as it suits my schedule better.