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Since 2012, Bunny Studio has been working with Pros from all over the world. How has Bunny Studio become a partner in developing their freelancing careers?

Here you can learn the stories of some of our most successful Pros. 


Katie Gaskin

Freelance voice talent Katie Gaskin didn’t always know what she wanted to do. All that changed after joining the Bunny Studio in 2015. Today, she’s found her purpose in a workplace that gives her the space to spread her wings. This is Katie’s story.

Michelle Colao

As a New York-based freelance voice talent, Michelle Colao found the competition of the voiceover market challenging to navigate. When she became a Pro in 2012, she realized that she had found a professional home for her expertise and passion. 

Craig Voelker

This Indiana based voice over artist has 20 years of experience in voice acting. Before Bunny Studio, he was struggling to scale his voice over career to the extent he wanted. With Bunny Studio, he has been able to grow while focusing on doing what he loves the most: voice overs.

Lonein Lara

All-American voice talent Lonein Lara has 15 years of experience as a voice talent, starting out doing voice overs at a local radio station. He had the talent and the experience; he just needed to reach a wider market. Bunny Studio helped him achieve this goal.

Birgit Arnold

Birgit Arnold is a bilingual voice-over actor that works in both English and German languages. She is currently working as a freelancer for a number of voice-over companies. This, of course, includes Bunny Studio.

Tatjana Auster

German voice artist Tatjana Auster shares with us her journey of voice work.  Before finding Bunny Studio, she did much of her work in external studios. Now, she has found in Bunny Studio a place where she can do what she loves from her home.

Jonathan Enns

Jonathan Enns is one of the many international freelance voice artist who picked Bunny Studio as one of his job options. The start of his voice-acting career was bumpy. Here is how he went from paying for demos to working for big names.

Camilo Pérez

Prior to working with Bunny Studio, Camilo was an employee who worked six days a week. Managing his own time became a struggle as it does for many in this field. We took some time to talk with him about his journey as a voice artist. 

Chloe Cheng

Veteran voice artists like Chloe Cheng has had her fair share of obstacles to get to where she is now, proving that being a voice artist takes more than talent. With Bunny Studio, Chloe was able to have a fun and lucrative full-time job that aligns with her passion.

Ming Wang

Before Ming began working with Bunny Studio, he felt he was stuck taking work only from local studios in his homeland of China. Now, he has access to high-profile clients worldwide and has worked with companies such as Mobil, PayPal, and the World Health Organization.

Khalid El Harrak

Khalid El Harrak was clear in his goals – he wanted to make a successful living as a freelance voice over talent. However, it was not always clear how he would achieve his objective.Here, he tells us how working at the Bunny Studio helped him access a whole new world.

Asma Osmary

Before joining Bunny Studio, Asma Omary gained a foothold in the industry. For her, working with a number of agencies wasn’t ideal. Bunny Studio has given her a community and support system which, to her, are key while building a career in voice overs.

Rajnees Tiwari

With a passion for voice work and a clear, attractive, baritone voice, Rajneesh always knew sharing his voice was something he wanted to do. Read about his journey from anchoring and stage performance to being a shining star at Bunny Studio. 

Laura Vandiver

With a degree in theatre, Laura Vandiver harbored all the starlit ambitions to grace Broadway. While working towards her big break, her voice found a stage with Bunny Studio! We go behind the mic scenes to bring you Laura’s Bunny Studio experience.

Amanda de Andrade

Bunny Studio’s voice talent, Amanda de Andrade, is a queen of accents and dialects. Amanda loved lending her voice to the world, and the world loved her right back! We cover the story of how Bunny Studio bumped up her vocal career to the next lime-lit milestone.

Mohita Namjoshi

Based in Pune, India, Mohita Namjoshi has over seven years of experience in the voice industry. However, she began to look for more and better online platforms to increase her revenue as well as her fulfillment in her work, where she found Bunny Studio.

Kenneth Toles

Kenneth Toles loved breathing personality into his narration. But life as a freelancer didn’t quite offer him the consistency and opportunities he had hoped for. We sat down with him to learn how Bunny Studio became a staple in his voice acting career.

Lauren Gobes

Sensing an indefinite hiatus in her theatre career thanks to the ongoing pandemic, Lauren Gobes evolved her career towards audio acting. Learn how Bunny Studio transformed her voice over career from surviving to thriving.

Alejandro Lofig

A decade of experience in voice acting and production was seemingly insufficient to get Alejandro Lofig on the gravy train. But things changed when his world collided with Bunny Studio!


Heather Legg

Heather Legg sat down to talk with us about her journey as a writer and how she found a professional home at Bunny Studio. A writer’s path can be full of challenges, but when Heather stumbled upon Bunny Studio, she knew this was a place for her.

Emiliano Pardo

Emiliano’s always been a restless creative spirit, so there’s no way he was going to sit through life. Today, he tells us the story of how he became a prolific freelance writer, and managed to keep his laptop from getting sandy on the beaches of Maui. All thanks to Bunny Studio.

Brett "Fish" Anderson

Brett “Fish” Anderson has been a writer and an improvised comedy actor for over twenty years. Prior to Bunny Studio, most of his writing was in a volunteer capacity. We took some time to talk with him about his journey with Bunny Studio. Here’s what he had to say.

Ljubinko Zivkovic

As somebody starting a new professional career a fourth time around, Ljubinko Zivkovic should have been accustomed to all the challenges of working as a freelance writer. After a long-run of low-paying jobs, he got in touch with Bunny Studio, almost by chance.

Ignacio Sedano

Colombian writer and translator Ignacio Sedano solved his freelancing issues when he found Bunny Studio. The online hub has been essential in allowing him to write more and worry less. We talk to him about his journey in writing and more.

James Young

When most writers tell people what they do, many think that this profession is an easy way to make money, but it cannot sustain a lifestyle. Well, James Young has worked in the industry for 25 years being proof that working in line with your passion is sustainable.

Rita Makokha

Rita Makokha started as an academic writer. As a self-taught writer, she chose what to learn and how to learn it, but it wasn’t always this simple. We asked Rita’s opinion on how Bunny Studio helped her professionally and personally, and this is what she had to say.

Kelly Ferguson

A multi-talented freelancer based currently in Ohio, Kelly is first and foremost a researcher. Her defining characteristic is that she never stops learning and striving for more.

Eileen Jacobson

Eileen Jacobson is a creative wordsmith. In pursuit of her writing career, she discovered that making it as a freelancer was more arduous than imagined.

Seth Carper

Seth Carper found himself at a crossroads when his job hours were reduced. Aiming to make ends meet, the wordsmith soon rediscovered his love for writing.


Alejandra de la Torre

Like many translators, Alejandra de la Torre attempted to find comfort and independence in the freelance life. While she always found immense joy in her work, her experiences with clients were not always sunshine and rainbows. Then, she found Bunny Studio.

Edwin Martell

Edwin Martell has long been an in-demand translator. While his job may seem simple, it’s a career that not many people understand. Generally, a translator only translates into his native language. However, Edwin translates not just one, but three languages.

Natascha Schmiedeberg

With 15 years of experience as a freelance translator, Natascha Schmiedeberg was looking for interesting work and meaningful connections with clients who recognized the value of her work. Bunny Studio provided her with a safe space where she could grow.

Angela Dettori

Traveler, intellectual, and linguist, Angela transitioned from her full-time career in scientific research to becoming a professional translator. C’est la vie! Who would have thought that the contrasting switch in roles would bring such fulfillment? Here’s how Bunny Studio helped her along.


Daniel Matiz

Daniel Matiz has been around the block a few times when it comes to music and audio production. But, as any freelancer can tell you, the music industry is fraught with ups and downs that don’t make for the most stable of working environments.

Jairo Pineda

We sat down with freelancer Jairo Pineda to hear about his journey to and within Bunny Studio. He is one of our talented audio producer pros, and we are so fortunate to have him share his talents with us. Pour yourself a drink and join us, as we learn more about Jairo.

Emiliano Rincón

When it comes to the alpha and omega of post-production, no one has a keener ear than Emiliano Rincón. The professional audiophile had big ambitions and is blazing a trail in the audio industry. How did Bunny Studio help fuel his aspirations?

Steven Cifuentes

Poly-muse Steven Cifuentes is all about sound, but when the pandemic struck, the full-fledged self-employed audiophile suffered income instability. Here’s Steven’s recount of his experience with Bunny Studio as an audio post-producer.

Hiroshi Uchida

A virtuoso in music, Hiroshi Uchida had a knack for audio post-production and an energetic voice that could captivate. The keen-eared talent wanted to pursue his musical ambitions without leaving a tiresome carbon footprint.

Video and Design

Julián Franco

Julian Franco translates his love for film into video editing. We sat down with him and asked how Bunny Studio has helped him to not just make a living, but ensure he’s constantly challenged to sharpen his skills to create compulsively watchable content.

Cristian Castillo

With a high internal drive, Cristian strives to always challenge himself in the field of design. Fortunately for us, he found his creative home at Bunny Studio. Here, he can challenge himself while committing to be the talented professional he is. Join us as we share his story.

Natalia Linares

Natalia Linares has always been a connoisseur of colors and an alchemist of animation. But despite her artistic gifts, she found herself caught in a sea of uncertainty. hat was where she found Bunny Studio! We sit down with Natalia to get the buzz on her experience with us.

Ana Acero

Worldwide bearer of creativity, Bunny Studio bumped right into Ana Acero, and a part of the team she became! We sat with the animation whiz and spoke to her learn a llittle more about her dreams, goals and ambitions for the future with Bunny Studio Video.

Maria Paula Herrera

When it comes to weighing traditional employment versus freelancing, Maria Herrera, has experienced it all, and decided that life wasn’t all about work. Here’s the story of how she made the switch and took more control over her time.

Juan Madiedo

2020 dented the film industry. Juan Madiedo was just one of the countless freelancers who lost long-term contract jobs. The talented motion graphics animator found himself jumping through hoops and stumbling over endless hurdles to make ends meet.

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