Chloe Chia, Sprecher

Chloe Chia, Sprecher

# C5EN7PKI can sing and am good at anime cutesy voice too.
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      我是一家電台的音訊工程師。 偶爾會因需求而錄製配音。 我擅長唱歌和模仿兒童和日本動畫的聲音。 自然說話時的是年輕少女的聲音。 I'm an audio engineer in a broadcast station. And sometimes do voice acting for the promos that requires them. I sing too, in both Mandarin and English. An extra special talent is that I am good with anime-ish cutesy characters voice. And imitating a little child's voice. YouTube: Here's a link for my anime song singing (English + Japanese):

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      5(5 Feedback)
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      "Very good work! Efficient & fast."
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      "Very quick responses for change requests."
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