David Sanchez, Sprecher

David Sanchez, Sprecher

# 33UO8F98La locucion perfecta y el mensaje mas efectivo para tus proyectos
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      I am a full-time voice over talent and multimedia producer, with 5 years of experience in Voice Over and Social Media Audio & Video Production. For my Voice Acting, I can deliver in either Neutral Castilian Spanish, Latin American or English with or whitout accent. I can also make other accents such as Andalusian, or any characterization (ie - Cartoon voices.) I can adapt and interpre any style you need (Corporative, E-learning, commercial...etc). Finally, I can also do any Audio & Video project from script to screen. Script translation add subtitles, music and voive Sync or dubbing. I can deliver a professional quality voice over (using acx standards) or even video with embedded sound in any format and quality you may need. My skills include professional Audio & Video Editing, Scriptwriting, English to Spanish transaliton, adding subtittles, music, copywriting, and Motion Graphics to cover all the needs of your final project.

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