Irada Delsink, Sprecher

Irada Delsink, Sprecher

# 3GBN7K6Cmultilingual voice artist & singer specializing in character voices
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      Über Irada Delsink

      Hi there, my name is Irada and I am a multilingual voiceover artist and singer based in the Netherlands. My voice is bright, friendly, enthusiastic and versatile. I love doing character voices and bringing animated characters to life. I have a home studio which allows me to deliver great quality audio, on short notice. I would love to help you with you project. My goal is to help you share your message with the right tone of voice and help you bring your project to life. I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan (Azeri dad & Ukrainian mom), and moved to the Netherlands at the age of 12. Here I further developed my talent for languages, and perfected my English & Dutch and also learned French. This job combines everything I love, and brings me so much joy, yet still challenges be to be better and keep learning.

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