Kemi Stanton, Sprecher

Kemi Stanton, Sprecher

# 13GC1ROWarm, smooth, maternal - the girl next door, the best friend
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      Über Kemi Stanton

      Living in the heart of North Carolina, Kemi has formally studied the theatrical arts, worked for local radio, is active in local community theatre, and is currently broadcasting from her professional home studio. Aside from being the voice of countless local commercial spots and ads, she is quite fond of character work and can be heard in hit Steam games such as "The Hayseed Knight", "Gas Station Simulator" and the wildly popular mods "Interesting NPCs" and "Sim Settlements 2" from the classic Bethesda titles "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and "Fallout 4", respectively.

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      5(6 Feedback)
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