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    A thumbnail has three main functions: catching your viewer's attention, providing a small preview of the content to your audience, and spiking the viewer’s interest in your content and making them curious to watch it. If you're selling an online course, the thumbnail is quite relevant, since it is one of the first things people will see about your content. You want to make a great impression in order to catch views, and a thumbnail is a proper tool for this. In a nutshell: Course thumbnails add visual data to your courses increasing user engagement and click-through rate for your courses. You know what they say: everything comes in through the eyes. Getting help from a professional who understands graphic design ensures your course thumbnails establish a unique tone that differentiates it from the competition and makes a great portrait of what your course is all about. That's where Bunny Studio jumps into the picture. Hiring a Bunny Pro is a quality guarantee! Showcase a perfect summary of what you'll be offering in your course by uploading professional course thumbnails to your site. Give your potential clients a trailer of what they'll be getting and encourage them to choose you over the competition. Offer them a preview of your contents, your tone, and your personality to provide that perfect feeling that every online buyer looks for before the check-out. If you're aiming for success, your thumbnail can't be anything less than perfect. And it's not just about the looks. There are also some technical requirements to accomplish. Your thumbnails should be optimized for multiple devices. Smartphones, desktop devices, and tablets – test your thumbnails to make sure they will display correctly for viewers on different devices. Hire a professional designer to handle the task with the attention it requires. Our hand-picked Bunny Pros are ready to help you get a thumbnail design that highlights your goodness. Our expert Bunny Pros will provide unbelievably fast turnaround times, without ever losing sight of amazing, quality-assured results.