Keith Copeland, speaker

Keith Copeland, speaker

# CLLVE7CAuthoritative, powerful, professional, influential, natural
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      Deep, Powerful, Authoritative, Warm, Professional, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert, James Earl Jones, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Clark Duncan, Tony Todd, Sam Elliot, Urban, Hip, Educational, Soothing, Influential, Scientific, Technical, Narration, African-American, Music, Musician, Bass Guitar, Bible, Religious, Cool, Smooth, Jazz, Urban, Southern, Real, Conversational, Neutral, Confident, Radio Imaging, Explain, Teach, Laid Back, Street, Attitude, Christian, Sports, Basketball, Football, Golf, R&B, Rock, Gospel, Station ID, Promo, Trailer, Forensic, Law Enforcement, Crime, Concert, Radio. I have a full, deep and professional sounding voice. Many people, including attorneys that I have testified for as a forensic expert witness in court, have also commented that I have a very clear, cool and authoritative voice that really commands the attention of jurors. My voice is a good fit for promos, trailers, radio imaging, commercials, video games and narration. I have taken the following classes, workshops and webinars related to voice overs: -Voice Acting (6 weeks) taught by Mike Robles, a local full-time voice actor -Learn to Voice e-Learning taught by Liz DeNesnera via VoiceoverXtra -Learn Voice Over Promos: TV, Radio, Movie Trailers and 10 More Types taught by Davis Goldberg and Xavier Paul via VoiceoverXtra -Performing Voice Over Promos taught by David Goldberg and Xavier Paul via VoiceoverXtra -Ongoing training and coaching with Rodney Saulsberry Clients include Optimedia Creative Studio, Inc and Ken McCoy Entertainment-Ken McCoy Radio KMER-DB.

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      4.5(4 recensioni)
      Martin A. -
      "That 2nd delivery was exactly as we hoped for. All the right tones and pitch perfect for our project. Really professionally done."
      Caroline H. -
      "Excellent turn around time. Better than expected."
      Ryan K. -
      Juan C. -

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