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50.000+ global brands trust Bunny Studio

It can take forever to find a dependable English to Nepali translation expert

Looking to hire a freelancer for English to Nepali translation? Don't waste more time wondering who is the best one for your project. Contact us and avoid:

  • Slow translators who take forever to finish the job
  • Translations that don't do justice to the original
  • Translations that are filled with typos and errors.
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Bunny Studio introduces you to a new way of hiring freelance translators

Our platform lets you find pre-vetted professionals who can take care of your English to Nepali translation as soon as they know about it.

  • Best results
  • All kinds of materials and areas of translation
  • One of the highest satisfaction rates in the market
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Bunny Studio makes your project visible to the best English to Nepali translators

Average price per word of $0.10 in English to Nepali

Turnaround: 1000 words in under 48 hours

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