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    2D cartoon animation is beautiful, but you really have to know your stuff to get it right. A dyed-in-the-wool, experienced animator can help you, lifelike animated features that look, feel, and move like a dream come true. They can help you create unique, amazing designs that make sure your production stands out from the competition. At Bunny Studio, you can hire a Pro and get going within minutes! Creating animation involved producing a series of images that change from frame to frame — essentially an optical illusion. When you view the frames one after the other, our eye perceives movement. While some people do still create traditional animation by hand, most of the cartoons we see today will have been created on a computer. Our Pros excel at all types of animation, but 2D cartoon animation is one of our staples! Cartoon characters aren't just for Saturday mornings either! You can use them for business, for animated shows, and video games as well, as seen on the memorable Cuphead, which takes a 1930s hand-drawn style and runs with it. 2D cartoon animation experts can definitely help in every one of these cases, and whenever you need smooth, well-defined, well-animated cartoon characters that look excellent and move smoothly. Of course making 2D cartoons is the type of painstaking job best left to real professionals. Our Bunny Studio Pros are here to help, and they're focused on helping you get the exact type of 2D cartoon animation your production requires. If you've got guidelines for how you want the character to look like, we'll follow them to the letter to make sure we realize your vision. If not, then our team of creative Pros will strive to create characters and scenes that blow you away. We work with second-to-none turnaround times, an eye for top-quality results, and unlimited revisions. Did we by chance mention our money-back guarantee?